The 1865 project was born out of our desire to share with others the charm and history of this house. Having lived in it ourselves and understood it, we decided to revive it step by step, with all the care and love possible. We supervised the work personally and chose the objects ourselves, after studying what the cosmopolitan world of Florence was like at that time.

At that time visitors were received in these rooms, and salons were held.
But the lifestyle of today no longer allows people to be received as was the custom then.
The only way in which we would be able open our house with the necessary elegance was to create the 1865 guest house. In the world of hospitality, this is a new experience in the art of receiving people.

Just the right tone

Our family has many cultural backgrounds: Florentine, Belgian, and Spanish. Thanks to our experience, we know how to empathise with those who travel. Our philosophy is simple: to make guests feel at home in comfortable, refined, stimulating surroundings. 1865 is the perfect place for those who do not seek ostentatious luxury, and who appreciate proper research and attention to detail.

Sustainable elegance

Elegance does not mean extravagantly wasting resources. We rely on local suppliers and only use the freshest seasonal produce for our breakfasts. We also recycle all our waste.