The authors to whom we have dedicated our rooms all lived for part of their time in Florence when it was the capital of Italy (1865-1871). 1865 was also the date of construction of our building. During these 5 years of power, culture, and sophisticated cosmopolitanism, our 5 writers belonged to the Florence's most prestigious literary circle, the Gabinetto Vieusseux: a catalyst for all who loved reading and writing.

The historic and the contemporary, together

Experiencing historic Florence through its literature does not mean having to go without the contemporary.
Our architect Guido Ciompi, based in Florence, is a master at combining the classic with modern design. His drawings were transformed into objects by skilled local artisans; our antiques came from Florence's auctions and antique dealers.
Each room has been individually "finished by hand".

Comfort comes first

Whilst restructuring our building we renewed all the technical installations and all the physical parts that required upgrading. The wooden floors are in precious wenge; the bathrooms are completely new and are finished in Tuscan travertine. We have selected the most comfortable mattresses and the best quality fabrics. And to make you feel really at home, a soft robe and comfy slippers await you.